Michael’s Story


My parents were immigrants. They saved every nickel and dime to relocate to the United States so that my siblings and I could have a better life.

All of my brothers and sisters are surgeons. I am the Lone Ranger. I never wanted to practice medicine. I’ll tell you why. I was a problem child growing up. Adjusting to our new way of life didn’t gel with me and I was sad that we had left so many loved ones behind. I acted out in school. My behavior and lack of discipline caused me to fail the third grade.

And then I met Mr. Walker. He was a teacher that looked like me and identified with my heartache. He saw me beyond the referrals. He served as my mentor and helped me get on track. I graduated top ten in my graduating class and went on to a prestigious university.

In May, I’ll be graduating with a 4.0 in Biology. I’m not your typical success story. I took the long way to achievement. Everyone counted me out. I want to use my life to see through other little boys who feel lost. #ImMichael #SH21 #Schoolhouse21 #Teach21#IdealCandidateStory #PiecesofYou

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