Lindsey’s Story


I was born to be a teacher. I can tell you my story, and what lead me to this point, but the truth is, there are some people who were just born to be teachers, and I’m one of them.

Of course I was the kid who played school with my barbies and my stuffed animals. I was the kid who asked for crayons for Christmas instead of video games. I was the kid who spent summer vacations snuggled with up a good book instead of playing outside.

When I was about eight years old, I recall wanting a life size barbie REALLY bad. My parents told absolutely not. My birthday and Christmas had come and gone; therefore, my parents couldn’t justify shelling out that much money for a “want”.
Stubbornness and determination took over. The following weekend, I set up a lemonade stand and earned half of what the doll cost. A lightbulb went off.

I wasn’t great at math, but when I started applying math concepts to real life situations, everything just made sense to me. And I’ve carried that with me. That’s my teaching style. I create project-based activities and loop in the mathematics. My students aren’t just learning how to do math, they’re learning how to do life.

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