Lincoln’s Story


I have a big family. I have two older sisters and three younger brothers. My father always taught me the value of being a great role model for my little brothers. I can remember him saying, “It’s your job to show them the way. You don’t have to be perfect, but you have to show them how to be a good person in spite of the imperfections.” I don’t know, my dad was just an amazing man and he taught me how to be an amazing man.
I take the lessons I was taught growing up into my classroom each day. There are so many young men who are lost. They don’t have positive role models at home or their role models are busy trying to put food on the table. Either way, they’re left surviving out here on their own.
I started a club just for my students. I teach them everything! How to change a tire (using my own car), how to apply cologne without killing the ladies, how to cut your own hair if you don’t have the money, how to prepare your own dinner…how to survive. And how to be a great citizen and a great person.
We dive into academics. And I think I’m a pretty good teacher. But the connection I have beyond the academics far exceeds anything. Without that, I couldn’t teach them math…they wouldn’t be in a space to hear me.
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