Amber’s Story


My parents taught me and my sisters the value of hard work at a young age. My mother has been a baker for the last thirty years. She started baking in her kitchen, and that turned into a side hustle that brought in more money than her full-time gig. Eventually my parents opened up a small bakery in our hometown. That was our after school job. That was our weekend job. That was our summer job.

didn’t know how to bake bread, I didn’t know how to make dough. I didn’t know how to ice cakes properly. I didn’t know how to use fondue. The greatest gift my mom gave me was the gift of curiosity. She challenged me to learn these things on my own.

As a student teacher I’m learning that the gift of curiosity will take me a long way in the teaching field. You have to be intrigued enough to find things out on your own. As a new teacher, we’ll get a lot of training, but it’s also going to take grit, determination, and the ability to always want to learn how to do the job better. Because it is one of the most important jobs we’ll ever have.

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